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This terms refer to all applications and games, that can be downloaded on this page and are free, and to the parts to the applications, too.

1. The applications are free to copy and it is prohibited to sell them.

2. It is prohibited to change the applications or parts of the applications.

3. Files, that are part of the applications, can not be used in any other programs or copy without the application.

4. Author of the applications is not responsible for any possible losses made by using of the applications.

5. It is prohibited to locate the applications or parts of the applications at other web pages and to make direct links to download the applications, but it is allowed to make links to the home page or to the page with the description of the application. (If you want to copy some application to your web site you have to have a permission from the author.)

6. The author can edit the terms or add new terms anytime.